Environmentally Friendly Power Banks

These are the most environmentally friendly power banks you can find in 2024.

The most environmentally friendly power banks you can buy today.  Charge your phone and save the planet the same time!

Heap environmentally friendly power banks are all the rage right now, but it can be hard to choose the best performing environmentally friendly power bank at the right price, so we’ve done the legwork for you so you can relax and pick one from our list.


Get these power banks and charge them with renewable energy to reduce your impact on the environment. This option is here because they

Shenzhen Rongdechang Solar Phone Charger

This charger coms with a 20,000mah capacity. Take a look at more detailed specs, a review and options to buy one of these creat solar chargers here.

Keutek Portable Solar Power Bank

Suitable as a camping charger, 26,800mah, charge up to 3 phones or devices at the same time. This charger can accept re-charging via solar energy at 300mah. The casing is both waterproof, boosting its outdoor usability and fire resistant, just in case you drop it into the camp-fire.

These bad boys can be a little expensive compared to other chargers, but they’re still very cost-effective when you consider what you get from them. Buy yours directly from the manufacturer here.

Kinesis K3 Wind powered Charger

This wind powered wonder is able to charge mobile phones with the wind, or solar power. We think its most likely to get you to a full charge thanks to the photo voltaic light panels aka solar panels.

An alternative is to actually build your own wind powered charger from this YouTube video How to make an wind powered (free energy) USB

Or here’s another option to build your own wind powered charger.

Solperk Solar Panel Kit

This a 12v solar battery charger is not strictly a power bank, but instead a trickle charger that helps keep batteries charged slowly and steadily over a long period of time. People generally use them for their cars, recreational vehicles and with an adjustable mount bracket for boats too.

A complete solar charging solution not directly for your mobile phone, but powerful enough to charge any battery. Up to 24% efficient in its conversion of light to electricity, Solperk Solar Panel Kit can power a lot of essentials.

We know this choice is outta left field, but stay with us here. Its important to highlight tools that improve our whole life, not just owning an environmentally friendly mobile telephone.This option makes our list because we know a lot of our audience likes to go camping and enjoys the outdoor life. Maybe festivals too? If you sling one of these over your tent, you can still enjoy some creature comforts like powering a satellite receiver and laptop to use the internet so you can visit greenermobiles.com.

Got to Amazon and buy this bad boy!

Which one of these solutions do you think is best for you?