Futuristic Mobile See Through Glass Technology

It’s all very well coming up with fancy ideas to make mobile phones greener, but they have to be robust in their construction and if you can use less materials in doing so then we are all for it.  And that’s what the bods at TDK have come up with, they’re not mobile phone designers normally, but they know a good screen when they see one. 

New Glass Technology

They have just started ramping up production of what they call a see-through passive matrix Quarter Video Graphics Array organic electroluminescent (EL), you and I would call it a transparent display for mobile phones.

So you’ll be able to text and do all the usual things that you want to do with a phone but carry on walking and not bump into anything.


And what about the security issues people being able to see what your texting or looking at? well according to TDK they’ve sorted that area, as the information will only be screened one way.

How do they do it?

Its created through a combination of using ultra thin film and organic material that responds to light when electrically charged, so less materials and resources are used to deliver information on your screen…its certainly nice looking.