Greenermobiles Green Concept Phone

The concept phone off the future is here today. 
At, we’ve spend the past decade looking at environmentally friendly mobile phones and technology. We’ve also taken a look at a lot of concept phones, featuring some of them here and here. 

Building on that knowledge and experience, we’ve put together our own environmentally friendly concept smartphone that takes advantage of the latest technology in both its software and hardware. 
The name we’ve given this concept phone is Greenermobiles C1. 
External designThis concept phone is cut from bamboo. Highly durable and biodegradable, or can be used as panda food when you visit the zoo. Actually no, please don’t feed your old phone to the pandas. 
This ergonomic design fits perfectly into your hand while also retaining the ability to resist shocks sustained from accidental drops. Naturally splashproof, your phone won’t die unless you submerge it in water. 

Internal partsWe’ve managed to reduce the amount of rare Earth metals used in the Greenermobiles C1 concept phone and where we do still use them, we have entered into agreements with major smartphone manufacturers to use reclaimed metals like gold that often go to waste. 
Manufacturing processAll Greenermobiles C1s are hand made in the UK, allowing for high quality craftsmanship with reduced costs. 
PeripheralsThe Greenermobiles C1 aims to be compatible with as many other smartphones as possible, so comes with an Android charging port, which is the most commonly used charging port.

Wireless charging features also reduce the need to use wires charging features. 
One of the biggest advantages of using the @@@@ is our ability to customise your charging port to your precious mobile phone. If you previously used an android compatible device, we can install the exact port type you had before, meaning you can continue to use your old chargers and USB cables. 
SalesAt present, we’re still in the development stages, but as we progress, the Greenermobiles C1 green smartphone will be available to order exclusively  on our website.
As each phone has custom parts, there is a short load time of up to four weeks, but you will be given an exact delivery date when you make your purchase. 

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