How do we use mobile phones nowadays?

They’re everywhere and they’re our entire lives. Whenever we have a spare moment, it’s straight to our phone. 
What are we checking? That depends on who we are and what our personal vice is. Could be Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, maybe even TikTok. 
For many it’s a bit of dopamine from seeing who liked the latest post they put out. How about you? Could it be scrolling through to see the latest pictures, likes, comments? It’s really addictive to see and hear news. 
So why are we thinking of this now? We were waiting for pizza and noticed our first instinct was to reach for our phone. It was to take a look at Facebook to see if there were any new posts up that we could look at. 
It seemed a bit strange to go straight for the phone, but looking up in the restaurant, that’s what everyone else was doing. 

Sure, these devices are great, but can’t we just live in the moment? Instead of imagining how great our pizza is going to taste and trying to catch wafts of pizza snacking from the kitchen, we’re on our phones maybe looking at pizza? Watching other people tuck in to pizza or reading the reviews. Actually, maybe that’s the pre pizza experience?

Hopefully the mobiles were green and operating in dark mode to save power.