Human Powered Mobile Phone Batteries

It sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but it is actually science fact, that one day your green mobile phone might just be powered by your own heart beat?

Prof. Keon Jae Lee (KAIST, Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering) and Prof. Zhong Lin Wang (Georgia Institute of Technology, Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering) over in the US have developed a new form of flexible nanogenerator, using bio-implantable sensors made from flexible super thin ceramic piezoelectric materials that capture the beating of the heart and convert it into electrical energy.

So what could you do with this bio-eco friendly material, well it’s a power generating system without wires, whereby the battery is installed inside the body (Yes you read that right) well the theory is that you should be able to plug your mobile into your self and use the nonpolluting energy of your body to make your phone calls with.

A true science wonder.