Is A Touchless Green Mobile Phone Possible???

The quest is out there as to how to make a really green mobile. Just how can you reduce the amount of carbon footprint, resources and production effort that go into making a mobile and, yet it still be desirable? Designing a mobile phone with such constraints is no mean feat!

You could make it smaller; you could install less functionality or, you could just make it less as in, rake out what you don’t need.  Well, one designer has just created something very different; industrial designer Branko Lukic has just come up with the Nonobject No4 Tarati

So, how do you use it? Easy. Dialling is awesome; you just put your fingers through the key holes without actually physically touching any key at all. This touchless green mobile phone encourages you to almost ‘touch’ the person with whom you wish to communicate.  It’s design focuses on human connectivity.  This ‘No Buttons Technology’ is only a concept but, it is as unique in it’s design as it is sexy in it’s use.