Keeping Your Mobile Bills Down

Some of this stuff seems so obvious, but we lead such busy lives we can forget to check our accounts.  So here are 10 things to help you keep your accounts in check.

•    Are you going over your minutes?  Maybe a higher tariff would work out cheaper.  It may be £5 more but the cost of going over your minutes maybe much higher.  Some networks have a number you can call to see how many minutes you have left, to stop you going over your minutes.

•    And the same with your text messages, many of the networks have unlimited text bundles now.  Remember texting abroad back to the UK or vice versa there is a cost.

•    0800, 0845, 0870 numbers etc, the networks charge for these.

•    Get rid of services you do not use, games, subscriptions etc.

•    You can install Instant Messaging applications on your phone to cut down on your texting.  AOL, Instant Messenger, Google Talk, Skype all provide IM packages.  So if you have friends that you talk to a lot it can be easier, cheaper and more fun to send a message via IM

•    There are lots of fees networks will try and sneak onto your bill hidden fees, changing plans, mobile web, Blackberry plans, early termination fees, insurance, and so on.  Keep an eye on it.

•    Get rid of any data services that are not free or included in your package.  And when you go abroad with your Blackberry.  You may free data services here in the UK, but they are not free when you travel abroad.  You can always use your Blackberry PIN number for free.

•    Don’t Call for Information, if you have free internet access from your phone, look for it.  A quick call to information can cost you up to a £1.

•    Lots of Apps are free, so cut down on buying them, they may seem cheap, but it can add up.

•    Check your bill each month; The times I have found a £10 charge PER MONTH on my account for something I didn’t order or use?  Check your account for any charges you feel are not right.

And whilst you have your network on the phone ask them for a better price, ask about promotions, new plans, or other things that could make your bill cheaper.

Hope it helps