Large Wind Farm Off Yorkshire

Wind farm projects are established to generate electricity by capturing the power of the wind. There is one large wind farm project which is set up 64 miles off the coast of Yorkshire. This wind farm is expected to have around 332 wind turbines and will be named as The Hornsea Project. This huge set up is expected to generate around 1.2 gigawatt of electricity and it would be fully operational by 2020.

Around 2500 people will be employed here and is going to be a great opportunity for talented professionals who are qualified to work in wind farms. The renewable electricity that will be generated will be able to cater to the needs of around 800,000 homes, helping us stop pumping CO2 into the atmosphere.

The Hornsea Project will create green job opportunities and will boost the economy of Lincolnshire and Yorkshire. This huge project is a joint venture between Siemens Project ventures GmBH and Mainstream Renewable Power, and DONG Energy.

Wind farms are getting popular with each passing day as the electricity produced by water is not able to cater to the needs of people. Hence, now there is a need to find alternate resources which can be used to generate electricity. This project has attracted a lot of investors which is going to boost the economy of UK.

When it comes to offshore wind projects, UK is perhaps the best place in the world to do so. Increasing job opportunities for people is going to give a chance to people to grab great career options. The Hornsea Project was granted consent only on the condition that it will provide employment opportunities to the people.

offshore wind farm

Yorkshire is becoming the hub of wind energy and the Hornsea Project is one of the large projects here. A company called Furgo Consulting, based in Great Yarmouth and Oxfordshire, was assigned a 13 million pound contract in November 2014, to undertake geotechnical surveys for the Hornsea Project. It is going to be the world’s largest wind farm which will generate electricity in gigawatt once it will be completed.

UK is one such country which is encouraging the conservation of energy and is trying to achieve its objective of carbon reduction. Set up of such wind warms is helping the government of UK and provide the energy which is demanded in the country. Such initiatives by the government and the leading companies will conserve the resources on the planet and make it a better place to stay for the generations to come.