Least Environmentally Friendly Buildings

The least environmentally friendly buildings are a leach on the precious resources our planet has. These buildings waste energy in their construction and/or their daily use.

Burj Khalifa

This building is so $hitty it doesn’t even have a working sewage system! Trucks have to line up every day for miles and miles to remove all of the waste the inhabitants of Burj Khalifa produce.

environmentally destructive Burj Khalifa

This monstrosity used the most concrete out of any other building in the world. Plus there’s all that glass on the outside. More on that later down our list of least environmentally friendly buildings.

Tuoketuo Power Station

This carbon pumping monstrosity in China has a whopping 6,720 megawatt capacity, making it the biggest coal fired power station in the world. It seems this power plant burns coal from the nearby Junggar Coalfield.

Perhaps it didn’t bereak the environmental bank to build this power station, running it certainly will make a huge dent on the planet.

The Line

So is The Line real or not? Unfortunatelt yes, The Line is a real building where construction has begun in Saudi Arabia. More than just a building, this Line is designed to be an entire city ecosystem that will support about 10 million people.

The Line is supposed to be a ‘revolution’ in urban living, but we’re thinking any coty built in the middle (or okay, kinda the edge and moving towards the middle) of a desert is never a good idea. If you need a snazzy website telling us how it’s the future, it’s snazzy and it’s revolutionary, we’re going to syspect it’s not really.

red diagonal line on white background with descriptive text

Despite looking like a huge glass monstrosity, developers of The Line assure us it will actually be sustainable. With neither roads nor cars, apparently it will be run on 100% renewable energy, but we’re not convinced packing a bunch of people into this smart city project is actually going to be smart for our environment.

Put simply, we smell a giant pile of greenwashing, but we’re open to being proved wrong.

So there you have it, the least environmentally friendly buildings the world has to offer in the year of our lord 2023. There are much less egregious buildings that no doubt also have negative impact, but we’d be here for months trying to list them all.

Also check out our list of the Worlds Most Environmentally Friendly Buildings and you’ll hopefully start feeling a bit more positive about the future of our planet.