Light Phone Review

Light Phone is a minimalist phone that is great for the environment and your mental health simply because it cuts away all the extra fat our modern phones are bloated with. We thought we’d put together a quick (or rather a light) Light Phone review. In keeping with its minimalist aesthetic, we want to keep this review short, to the point and without distractions.

By virtue of being minimalist, Light Phone should also make it onto our list of environmentally friendly mobile phones. Cutting back the clutter really does help a phone to be more environmentally friendly. This really is just a phone without the bloat and it’s smart to get one if you want to avid distractions. Essentially, Light Phone I  a return to what mobile phones used to be and really isn’t a smartphone.

Available in only black or light grey, Light Phone doesn’t draw attention to itself or to you. There is not even a web browser, so the only thing you can do is make and receive calls and texts. That’s cool with us. Well, actually, you also get a calculator, alarm and a music and podcast player. To listen to your music and podcasts, there’s a headphone Jack (fast disappearing from other devices) and Bluetooth capability. 

Ironic features

Ironic the Light Phone website pulls out all the stops to entice potential customers with a parallax page well suited to the finite scroll. We really picked up on the marketing behind the Light Phone. Lihtphone marketing is always talking about minimalism and switching off, yet it is premium and presents a premium product. And yes, Light Phone is a beautiful, premium product. We just think it is rather ironic that the marketing for this minimalist phone is so lavish.

Also ironic is the WiFi hotspot capability. Sure, you can’t use the internet or apps on your light phone, but you can enable the doomscrolling of others who jump onto your hotspot network. Or you can connect your computer to your Light Phone’s WiFi hotspot so you can waste time on that instead. Well, that’s kind of harsh on the WiFi capability because the point is to have a phone that is minimal and doesn’t waste your time, not to have a phone you can’t do anything practical with.

So yeah, there are features that are ironic to the Light Phone, but we’re only nitpicking here and if anything, they’re huge pluses to this green smartphone that make it a super useful tool. Just now it’s a useful tool that unlike other smartphones doesn’t suck all your spare time away.

Feel And Display

We loved that the display of this phone was a bit like a kindle, offering the look of paper to our eyes. A departure from glossy screens was very much welcome.

Getting away from apps is a wonderful way to help save battery life. We found that the battery lasted for over four days for every full charge, probably because we hardly touched the thing.

In terms of weight, Light Phone is light. Light on the fluff other smartphones have, yet making the investment in one of these bad boys would be one of the smartest investments you can make. 

Where To Buy Light Phone

Want to know where to get a Light Phone? They’re usually out of stock and we’re not sure if the New York based Joe Hollier and Kaiwei Tang are planning a new phone soon, but it is so basic, Light Phone 2 should be good for another year or two anyway.

If you can and they’re available, new or pre-owned, buy a Light Phone today. If not, we have a great selection of other green mobile phones.