Mobile Networks Under Pressure To Offer Sustainable Alternatives

Thousands of consumers across Europe are gathering in protest to hand over signatures to mobile phone operators such as T-Mobile, Vodafone, KPN, Tele2, to get the mobile giants to provide mobiles that are ethically fair.  Working conditions for some workers making the phones can be so poor and exploitative that many peoples lives can be at risk, earlier this year some 14 workers commited cuicide at the Foxconn factory in Shenzen (China) whilst producing iPhones.

With demands for high production quotas, enforced overtime, long working days and wages that are just too low to provide workers with a decent living and with no access to trade unions, workers have little place to turn to protect themselves.

Since the incident campaigners have collected some 7,000 digital and hardcopy supporters with postcard action called ‘I want a fair and green phone’.  The network is hoping that mobile operators will pressure the companies thsat make their products will provide satisfactory working conditions and greener mobile phones.

And now in 2022, the Fairphone is doing its best to deliver that green, eco freindly smartphone that treats the people who make it fairly.