Mobile Phone Insurance

Here are the top mobile phone insurance products for your environmentally friendly mobile phone. Each insurance product is rated based on how sustainable the company offering it is, so you can keep your mobile phone green. Without further ado, here are the lists.

Environmentally Friendly Mobile Phone Insurance

We’re not sure what qualifies as environmentally friendly mobile phone insurance right now, so hold tight and we’ll keep you updated.

At least see your options below whilst we investigate some of the mobile phone insurance companies you could potentially sign a contract with.

Mobile Phone Insurance

Here’s a list of mobile phone insurance providers you’ll want to check out before making a concrete decision.

Compare The Market have a great selection for you to get started comparing mobile phone insurance.

In partnership with AXA, Insurance 2 Go offer deals from £2.99 per month.

Our friends at the Post Office also issue mobile phone insurance and call it Gadget Insurance, so you can insure everything else.

MoneySavingExpert conveniently list several providers for gadget insurance and we’ll surely circle back to it and evaluate just how green each provider is.

Get a quote from Mobile Phone Insurance Direct and see how much it will cost you.

Carphone Warehouse offer two easy to understand options. 1 – Mobile Complete and 2 – Mobile Lite. The latter will cost you £3 per month, while the former is £5 per month, but with a beefed up policy extending after your manufacturer’s warranty expires, theft, loss and will even cover you if you drop your phone in your drink.

So Sure offer quotes with a 14 day money back guarantee and you can get a quote without putting in any personal details. Works out to about £6.89 per month if you have an iPhone 11.

Insurance Underwriters

Quite a few of the independent insurance providers are underwritten by AXA insurance, so this will impact just how green their insurance policies are. To do their part in averting the climate catastrophe we’re facing, AXA have “established a Sustainability Bond Framework, which aligns with the International Capital Markets Association (ICMA) Green & Social Bond Principles, and the ICMA Sustainability Bond Guidelines”. Check out their stance on sustainable financing here.