Mobile Phone Packaging Is Destroying Our Planet

The growing demand for new mobiles around the world is creating a huge demand for packaging in which to ship the devices to the consumer.  And with it hundreds of thousands of trees and a sea of ribbon is being used to dress our new handheld device, so that we can marvel at it for that brief opening instant, thereafter we never see its packaging every again.

I’ll bet not many of you are still using the first mobile you ever bought, some people are now up to the tenth handset and with it a new box every time.  I’ll bet too, it came along with a hefty manual that you’ve probably referred to no more than twice.

The entire planet is feeling the impact of our demand.  The waste of paper used just for the packaging and manual for your phone is creating immense damage to the environment.  So, how do we change that, what can we do?

Well, manufacturers need to use less packaging and we need to be less impressed with that single moment of when we open our mobile. Reduce the size of the box and, certainly use recycled paper to make it.  What about copying the content of the manual into the default setting of the phone?  The user can then download it from the manufacturer’s website onto the phone or to a computer for reference.

So the next time you visit your manufacturers website, send them a message and suggest less packaging and maybe a manual on a PDF.  If we all do it, then maybe they will listen.  The world belongs to us all and we all need to be responsible for it