More Solar Energy Coming To The UK

With fossil fuels fast depleting due to excessive human consumption to satisfy their energy requirements, there is a general consensus worldwide that we may soon be faced with an energy crunch. Renewable energy sources like the sun and the wind have not yet gained as much traction as the social scientists would prefer and until a few years ago the prognosis about catering to the world energy needs was in fact quite bleak. But the recent spate in solar power employment in UK for industries and households has indeed provided a silver lining.
United Kingdom is one of the fastest growing solar photovoltaic industries in Europe and possibly the world, where the recent sunny weather has only accelerated the interest in solar power. The Solar Trade Association predicts that this interest will continue to rise when general public notices that it can save nearly 90% of their conventional energy costs by employing solar energy for their homes. Add the fact that this is clean and green energy which will not impact our environment adversely and one can see why this segment is poised for explosive growth. The Solar Industry trends say that now nearly 1.5 million homes in UK are equipped with using solar energy to tend to their daily energy requirements. This is nearly double of the figures reported last year and this trend is now spreading to schools, churches, offices, warehouses, farms and other commercial establishments. Analysts say that UK is uniquely positioned to take advantage of solar power generation because solar panels work better in cooler climates. This is one of the major reasons why London generates nearly 65% more solar power than Madrid in the same season. Analysts believe that if the government’s policy on solar panels installations in homes and commercial buildings is favorable, then solar power in UK will soon be successfully competing with gas for energy in terms of rates for consumption. With enough solar photovoltaic equipment installed until 2020 to take care of nearly half the global energy needs, a new issue that is baffling the scientists is how to store the enormous amounts of solar energy produced. The solution to that problem could well solve the energy woes around the world. We will then have no cause to worry about fuel for our energy requirements; in fact, we can then freely share solar power with deficient areas.