Most Environmentally Friendly Phone

The most environmentally friendly phone on the market today is the Fairphone 4.

Farirphone 4 is both environmentally friendly and ethical, tying to save the planet and create a more equitable supply chain for all involved. B-Corp certified, the Fairphone company have also achieved the EcoVadis platinum medal, cementing their place as one of the most sustainability-focused companies in the mobile technology industry.

Is Fairphone Ethical?

Fairphone are an ethical, Dutch company who believe it is possible to have a fairer electronics industry by making change from the inside.

In 2020, Fairphone partnered created the Fair Cobalt Alliance, which is a growing organisation that includes large brands like Tesla and Volvo.

In an effort to treat the people who make our mobile phone use possible with the respect they deserve, Fairphone became the first and only smartphone company to integrate Fairtrade gold into its supply chain. Combine this with another first; the first living wage program in the electronics industry.

Sourcing materials fairly, trying to pay people what they deserve throughout the supply chain and producing a product at a reasonable price that helps save the environment. Fairphone have proved we can do better.


  • B-Corporation certified
  • Fair cobalt Alliance member
  • Fairtrade Gold certified
  • EcoVadis platinum medal holder
  • Living wage programme pioneers

Alternative Environmentally Friendly Phones

Alternative environmentally friendly phones include: