Nissan LEAF – First Car Controlled with an iPhone

Nissan LEAF
Nissan LEAF

The much talked about Nissan LEAF car that auto enthusiasts as well as environmentally conscious people have been desperately waiting for, now has a feature whereby it can be controlled with an iPhone.

With the iPhone integration as per Nissan, using a special app that allow the user to communicate with some of the vehicle’s features. Being the first eco-friendly family car that can be controlled by a smartphone, Nissan LEAF will come equipped with built in cellular data radio.

The iPhone app can be used to program the air conditioning and while using the smart phone, just few clicks will help the driver check out how much battery power the car is left with. And on a charging station, the driver can ask the vehicle to send a message when the batteries are fully charged up. This means you can leave your Nissan LEAF, go about your business and only return when the vehicle is fully charged up!

Apart from that before returning to the car, the driver can remote fix the climate of the car, specifying what temperature they want the cockpit to be at when they step in. While on the move, the LEAF’s navigation gives the up to date list of the charging stations available in the vicinity.

The Nissan LEAF is not only and Eco bonanza but is economical at the same time. With its top speed at 90mph, the all electric vehicle can be driven approximately 100miles on a single charge. The cost for charging is merely £2 that makes Nissan LEAF to work out at around 2p a mile.

Nissan LEAF Release Date

The emission free Nissan LEAF is set for UK release in early 2011 and will cost around £20,000. While being all electric, it’s exempted from annual road tax or city congestion charges. The vehicle can also be charged from a standard household plug in 4-8 hours and with an input for three-phase 400W DC outlets, LEAF’s lithium-ion batteries can be charged in approximately 30 minutes.