Nokia Recycled Aluminium Phone

Nokia recycled aluminium phone

Nokia is really setting the trend in green mobile phone concepts with a new Nokia Recycled Aluminium Phone. The Finnish company’s latest offering is made out of recycled aluminium which if anything looks as amazing, as it does futuristic. The Ink 01 plainly sets its sights after Sony Ericsson’s Greenheart range of phone which has set the bar for eco design and sustainability. This truly is a greener mobile.

The main idea for the Nokia recycled aluminium phone is to reduce energy consumption thus your mobile phone carbon footprint wherever you use your trendy cell phone. Be assured that recyclable materials will be used in your Nokia Ink 01 and those materials can be used again when you trade it in. As well as the recyclable aluminium body, this amazing cell phone will use an E-Ink extra low power consumption digital display.

Nokia Recycled Aluminium Phone Features

Everything except the screen of course is made from recycled aluminium and instead of a key pad it has a capacitive sensor – this is a posh way of saying it uses space age technology, uses a lot less moving parts to create an even better more informative keypad/screen.

The Nokia Inc 01 comes equipped with an mini OLED screen that makes it possible for the user to take pictures and revise them while consuming little energy. The Nokia Inc 01 is powered by a 95 per cent recyclable silver/zinc battery instead of lithium ion batteries. The silver/zinc battery that comes with the Nokia Inc 01 actually beats regular lithium ion batteries with 40% more energy density. With the great enegy saving features and a battery that can be slightly smaller than usual, yet store more energy that an identical sized lithium ion battery, you won’t have to charge it as much throughout its life