Ocean Cleanup System 002

The Ocean Cleanup have a system called an Ocean cleanup System 002 that should be ready this year and with it, they aim to clean the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Divers often remove plastic from coastal waters like plastic bottles and fishing gear that’s close to land, but it wouldn’t be very practical to have them out in the open ocean picking up rubbish from the water.

The idea is a really simple one in that a barrier is constructed using a series of floating devices and any plastic floating on the surface of the water is captured. Systems 001 and 001/B have been operating in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch for several years now.

Ocean Cleanup say their method of cleaning could remove around 50% of the Great Pacific Garbage patch in just five years. Their system is a passive one, relying on the natural forces that moved the plastic waste into the area to help clear it up. Once the system has collected enough rubbish, a vessel will come to collect the plastic.

This is the way they’re going to help save the ocean, but it’s still important for Ocean Cleanup System 002 to consider its impact on marine life to make sure it’s eco friendly and seagoing vessels so revenue of companies worldwide is not affected. You know profit is more important than solutions to problems caused by the restless pursuit of profit, right?