One Tablespoon Of Water Is Worth 10 Hours of Power

Imagine ten hours of charge from just a tablespoon of water? Well, thanks to a Swedish company, myFC Ltd’s grand designs, who have come up with a charger for people who live their lives off the beaten track and away from any kind of power supply. The PowerTrekk charger uses just a tablespoonful of water to give you 10 hours of battery power.

How does it work? Well, it’s all done through chemical reaction and a very special ingredient called Sodium Silicide. Simply put, if you just add water to Sodium Silicide you create Hydrogen gas, using this process the PowerTrekk charger is the first commercial use of this product.

So if you’re down to the last bar of battery on your mobile and you’ve got just a thimbleful of water, then you’re in business. myFC believe they have a winner here, as it creates power immediately, it doesn’t rely on the weather or the sun. It’s an easy to use system, the sodium is stored in one of the containers and the other is for the water, when the two mixes together you’ve got power, with only a little water vapor given off.

The PowerTrekk charger has a USB port so you can connect it up to your mobile phone and if you run out of Sodium you can just buy some more replacement cells, so how safe and eco friendly is that…