Only 3% Of You Do It

Recycle your phones that is, why so little?
Well there are lots of factors really, it appears that not a lot people appear to know that you can recycle your phone and why would you?

An old mobile can make for a good spare for your self or for a friend. Or when you hear reports of e-waste being transported off to sunny isles somewhere in the world, that you’re could be part of creating huge mountains of electronic waste laced with toxic or rare metals?

So here’s the paradox – globally 74% of people don’t think about recycling their mobiles, but around 72% of people think it’s a good idea to recycle stuff, what gives.
It would seem that no matter how the recycling industry or mobile phone manufacturers pitch the benefits of recycling your mobile, most people just don’t want to recycle their old handset, simply because they just don’t want to. Or that the money they are offered for it, is just not worth it.

So how can you help reduce e-waste, be more environmentally friendly and save all that info at the same time?

If its about personal stuff, then for the most part you can back up your mobiles information onto your computer, if you have a smartphone this is a must do and is easy. If you have a dumb phone, then you can buy what’s called a SIM card protector, their cheap and easy to use, slide in the SIM, press record and seconds later it’s done.

When you’re done with your mobile, send it to us and we’ll send it onto our favorite cause or send it to your own favorite charity? They can then convert it for cash and use the money to support their aims.
So whilst your old friend might have seen you through thick and thin, give your old mobile a new lease of life and recycle it.