Efficiency Apps

Kyocera Power Management A proprietary preloaded power management app on some Japanese phones from Kyocera that takes care of your phone’s battery. Using this app, your phone will go into low power mode by adjusting various functions that might be on, like timeout, brightness etc, which is a good thing as you can lose lots of… Continue reading Efficiency Apps

Food Apps

Too Good to go You won’t always know exactly what you’ll find in your bag. But hey, we’re here to save the environment, not to be super picky on what we’re saving. Something to consider totally separate from Too good to go, is the question should we expect the same service from environmentally friendly providers… Continue reading Food Apps

Fun Apps

NASA NeMO-Net This neat game we’ve looked at before gets you classifying coral reefs using satellite images taken by NASA. The more you learn and classify, the more you help NASA to identify and work to prevent damage to our coral reefs. Your work will help train AI to instantly know from pictures exactly how healthy… Continue reading Fun Apps

Stop Buying Fossil Fuel From Russia

The situation currently unfolding in Ukraine is a stark reminder that we need to move away from fossil fuels and not just because they’re bad for the environment. Unfortunately, the reality is that in both environmental and political terms, our words don’t match our actions. It’s very easy to cut financial and sporting ties with… Continue reading Stop Buying Fossil Fuel From Russia

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What Is A Green Mobile Phone?

A green mobile phone is more than just a colour; it’s a way of life. Your green smartphone is an outward symbol of your inner values. Rather than being a superficial token, coming to Greenermobiles to source your green mobile telephone means that you will also be supporting green infrastructure. Green infrastructure are the things… Continue reading What Is A Green Mobile Phone?

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