Take control of your unwanted paper mail and help save the Earth! If you can take a picture of it, PaperKarma By will try to stop it!

Just snap a photo to stop:

  • Catalogs
  • Magazines
  • Coupon Books
  • Credit Card Offers
  • White and Yellow Pages

PaperKarma is the easiest way to cut your paper waste — by taking photos! Simply pull out your phone and snap photos of the offending mail. PaperKarma will figure out what it is and how to stop it.

Our system is simple. We’ve built a massive database of company information. When we identify your photo, we use this information to instantly submit a request on your behalf. If we don’t know about the company already, our database discovers what we need to know automatically.


  • If a company is sending you unwanted mail, PapeeKarma will find them and remove your name/address from their mailing list.
  • Photo recognition so you can just tap ‘Unsubscribe’, and be off the mailing list.
  • Track mail you’ve submitted, then track while PaperKarma identifies and eliminates it.
  • Learn what information PaperKarma finds about the senders.
  • Rejoice as your paper waste goes down month by month.

When you sign up for a PaperKarma subscription in the app, you can get unlimited unsubscribe requests; choose between a monthly or yearly subscription.

Happy paper saving ergo carbon and planet saving too!