QuadraPro Solar Power Bank

QuadraPro Solar Power Bank is amazing because it actually can be stored really securely and safely so it doesn’t get damaged or scratched making its own little box container.

What Is QuadraPro Solar Power Bank Like?

The product we’re talking about here is the QuadraPro Solar Power Bank with Wireless & Dual USB Charging by Frog & CO. When you’re ready to pull it out and actually charge your phone, you can do it. Visualise this, a kind of imaginary solar Rover landing on the surface of Mars all safe and secure in his little bundle. Then it rolls out the solar panel so it can start harvesting energy and go to work. It feels just the same in your hands and it’s kind of futuristic and adventurous. When you first open the package, it feels like “wow, I really got something amazing on my hands here”.

Using The Charger

The charger has about a 6,500 mAh Capacity meaning that you can probably charge your phone up to 4 times. That’s amazing and really good capacity for a charger because we really don’t think you want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere and you can only charge your phone once. The time it takes is about a total of 12.5 hours to fully charge the device using sunlight.

Discharging can actually charge up to 3 devices at once using this charger which is pretty useful. It kind of means that if you go out into the middle of nowhere you and your friend both have your phones and maybe one other device you both use, you can charge all three at the same time and have no problems.

Storing Your Charger

As we said previously, it feels kind of like yeah on adventure going off to another planet the way you fall these solar panels fold out and the charger looks. It’s also kind of like that with the durable leather case that you get. The charger itself seems quite resistant to scratches and scrapes but of course if you are taking it out with you into the big wild world outdoors you will get a few of those. The leather case will protect your charger when it’s not in use really well and actually the leather is pretty good too so I think you’ll like it even just as a fun accessory.

There are built-in loops in carabiners so you can actually hang the solar panels up when you folded them out. Point them towards the Sun to charge up, or if you don’t want to do that, then you can just lay them down on the ground. Once everything is all packed up and bonded together, then the package is waterproof so resists water. We wouldn’t risk immersing the whole pack in water, but it is definitely resistant to splashes and rain and things like that.

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