Quick Energy Saving Tips

Here are some real quick energy saving tips that will help you reduce your impact on the environment right away.

Switch of your mobile charger

quick energy saving tips

When it’s not in use, turn it off and that also means when it has fully charged your phone. Please don’t just leave it up to your phone to do all the work for you, switch off the charger when you’ve charged it up. Leaving your mobile phone plugged into its charger throughout the year can cost you as much as 50 pounds and with one in 10 of us doing that, it’s a waste we could look to reduce.

So be energy efficient with your mobile and switch it off. Your mobile phone battery will thank you too because leaving it plugged in once it’s at 100% reduces its life. That will cost you money directly since you’ll need to replace your phone more often.

Boil Less Water

•    Only boil as much water in your kettle as you need

Insulate Your Home

•    Get your home properly insulated

It keeps the heat in during winter and now summers are becoming hotter, it’ll help keep the heat out when you’re using air conditioning.

You may be eligible for a grant and there are companies out there who can do the work for you.

Turn Your Radiator Down

•    Turn your radiator down a degree or two

This saves both energy and in this climate of rampant inflation, it’ll save you a fair few pennies too.

Turn Off Taps

Not specifically energy, but we still need to hear this message. Turn off your tap when you’re going to brush your teeth. There’s no need to keep it running at full blast while you polish your nashers.

Stop them dripping too, like if the kitchen tap likes to drip, be sure to tighten it up so you save precious water. It’s only a little bit, but it all ads up over time.

How many of these five tips can you tick off to help save the environment?