Top 12 Reasons Mobile Phones Break

These are the top 12 reasons mobile phones break, meaning our expensive mobile phones are totally broken and need to be replaced. Unless you have mobile phone insurance, replacing your phone can leave you out of pocket.

Mobile Phone Damage Stats

Over the course of a year, over 600,000 mobile phones can meet their death in a toilet. Oh boy, is that falling from the back pocket, or falling in standing up and peeing (for the blokes)? I think we’d rather this one be the number 1 reason, nobody wants to fish a phone out of a number 2!

Maybe related to alcoholic beverages, 400,000 mobile phones found themselves accidentally dropped into drinks. Probably pints, but no matter what, it sounds like a waste of valuable alcohol.

200,000 mobile phones ended their days doing a turn in washing machines. We guess it’s possible to forget your mobile phone in your pocket, ending up with a nice clean but useless device at the end, but that’s so 90s and 2000s. Nowadays we love our phones so much and Americans look at their phone on average 52 times a day, so we’re not sure how accurate this stat is today.

The toilet, drinks and washing machines total 1.2 million phones for which we have some kind of numbers on. Other reasons mobile phones break might not have been tallied up quite so accurately, but nevertheless, see how many of these you can tick off if it’s happened to you or one of your mates.

Reasons Mobile Phones Break

1 Fell in the toilet

2 Dropped into a drink

3 The phone got bricked

4 Dropped from a roller-coaster

5 Run over by a motor vehicle

6 Fell out of a pocket

7 Destroyed by a pet

8 Someone got angry and threw it

9 Dropped a weight on it at the gym

10 Threw it to someone who didn’t catch it

11 Threw it to a bed or sofa, then it bounced off and broke

12 Fell out of a pocket

Protect Your Phone

Really, you need a case to protect your phone with an eco friendly mobile phone case and that insurance policy we mentioned earlier. From the list above, we hope people aren’t getting angry and throwing their close to 1k phones and breaking them any more!

One of the reasons mobile phones break and can’t be repaired is when they get bricked. This happens when we’re trying to install new software on our phone and accidentally screw it up. Sometimes we want to be using the latest phone operating system for Android or iOS, but our phone’s manufacturer hasn’t made it available to us yet, so we just go ahead and install it ourselves. Of course, this voids your warranty, so if you do brick your phone, you’re on your own!

The biggest danger you’ll find is leaving your phone in a back pocket, so nit can fall out easily or get sat on. If you have a particularly cavernous one or not, phones can end up at the bottom of handbags. Left on a car seat is also a great way to get your phone damaged. We’re all really busy and it only takes a minute to fall in love break your phone also all lead to damage, and with the majority of Brits being so busy, it’s easy to see how these accidents can happen.

If you need to replace your phone, you might keep one that has a damaged screen if the cost of replacing the phone or the screen is too high. May as well keep that damaged phone until it’s time to upgrade. Thing is, modular phones like the Fairphone 4 might be better for us all because it’s much easier to replace a screen on that than it is an iPhone 12.

Take care of your phone out there and if you can avoid these 12 ways mobile phones break, hopefully it’ll last you until it needs to be replaced in another six years at least? What do you think was the best of the 12 reasons mobile phones break?