Recycle Your Phone At The Supermarket

Just how do you recycle your mobile phone safely and look after the planet at the same time?  Well, one enterprising US company looks to have solved just that problem with it’s ATM self-service kiosk, that enables people to recycle unwanted mobile phones.  Not only that but, all electronic gear safely.

Regular shoppers in downtown San Diego, have been confronted with trials using these eco ATM’s over the past twelve months.  They’re just like ATM’s however, the machine scans the device when you place your mobile within.  It then calculates what the mobile is worth and makes you an offer… How mad is that?!

Imagine, there are billions of mobiles sitting in drawers that could earn their owners money.  Just think of what it could mean if we could put back all those resources into the system.  Plastic alone, can be reused up to six times.  Lots of minerals go into making a mobile phone, not just resources like gold and copper but, things like cobalt.  It’s thought that nearly 40% of the world\’s cobalt goes into mobile phone production.

Is this bad? Yes!  The United Nations estimates that with third world economies growing so fast, mobile phone e-waste is expected to increase seven-fold from 2007 levels by 2020 in China and, eighteen-fold in India.  So, the problem is now, not later.

And just in case there’s one of these eco-ATM’s in your high street, then take your mobile phone to an accredited recycling agent, that’s just as valuable.