Renewable Energy Map Of The World

Put your mind at ease over the future of our planet by taking a look at how much renewable energy is being produced by countries around the world.

Have you ever wondered what type of energy the world produces and consumes?

This map reveals all, with every country – and even territories within a country – for which data is available, ranked by carbon intensity of electricity consumed (gCO₂eq/kWh). The map is colour coded to represent how green a country, showing their carbon neutrality, to how red they are, showing their reliance on carbon based fuel.

Looking at the data makes it really easy to understand what’s going on at a glance. You can switch between production, which does exactly what it says on the tin, letting you see how green production is. Switching the map to consumption mode also factors in energy brought into a country from outside. Three coloured chevrons show the direction of energy travel.

Take this image below of European energy consumption during the evening. The United Kingdom is an importer of energy from European countries. Somewhat ironic that Britain voted for Brexit, yet it is EU countries keeping the lights on.

European green energy consul=mption map

In this image, we can see the south island of New Zeeland is producing 100% of its energy through green, carbon neutral methods. Using consumption mode, you’d see the south island exports power to the north island.

New Zeeland renewable energy production
New Zeeland renewable energy production

Data included when hovering over a country lets you know:

Carbon Density
The number of grams of carbon dioxide (CO2) the country uses to make one unit of electricity a kilowatt per hour (kW/hour) that is consumed in that country or can be exported

Percentage of energy production/consumption that produces a small amount of carbon in comparison to traditional methods

How much 100% renewable sources of energy does the country produce/consume

Just like Google Maps and Bing Maps, there are also several overlays you can use to check out some really cool features. You can change the language, see an overlay of wind, solar power potential and there’s also a dark mode. For accessibility purposes, there’s also a colour blind mode.

World Electricity Map wind layer in action

If all that wasn’t enough, when clicking on a country, you can see a full breakdown of energy consumption by type and from whom extra capacity has been purchased. There’s also carbon intensity, the origin of electricity and electricity prices over the last 24hrs with a pro account.

Paying to gain access to their API would allow you to get hourly data and provide services like apps that show customers just how green the energy they’re using is at the precise moment they’re looking at the app.

It’s an awesome map and we recommend you give it a look. Start by taking a look at what’s happening in the UK and go from there.