Retro Phone Your Mobile Phone

I can remember when the landline would ring at home, and we’d all rush to answer it. And whoever got there first, stood bolt upright and would answer the phone in such a dignified manner.

Such were the days of a call using BT and the plastic wedge with a dial on it, sometimes push buttons and with a long wriggly cable and a great big handset at the end.

There’s nothing cool about receiving a mobile phone call, it rings and you answer it. Communication has been reduced to a necessity that is until now… Moshi Moshi have launched a bunch of really cool handsets that offer mobile phone users all the convenience and comfort of the old traditional telephone hardware with all the super funky technological functionality of today’s mobile devices.

With cordless or cord-based designs they give you a more comfortable grip on the mobile phone and just make ear-to-shoulder discussions that much more comfortable.

Some are classic, some are contemporary but all are manufactured to the highest standard with a high quality speaker and microphone and can be all pretty much used with most mobile phones as long as you use the right adaptor or when fitted with a USB adaptor you can use it for VOIP computer telephone calls. If there is an art of conversation then this is it.