Secure Bicycle Parking That Saves Space And The Planet

Efficient bicycle parking allows more cycles to be used to commute, leading to a reduction in cars and thus CO2 emissions.

The answer is high tech underground bicycle parking parking, often underground. Take a look at this video for how it works.

When you cycle as your mode of transport instead of using a car, your CO2 emissions plumet to around 21 grammes per kilometre, which amounts to more than ten times less than a car. However, one drawback of cycling to the shops and especially to work, is finding somewhere secure to park your cycle.

As a destination, cycle parking at local shopping areas can be addressed relatively easily by installing security features that come in different styles to allow people to park their cycles securely. Solutions come in various sizes and styles you may be familiar with.

Security Fixtures

Wall mounted bicycle stands

Steel and zinc plated, and can be used for most standard sized bikes with tyres up to 50mm wide. The question is which wheel do you attach? Thieves might be happy to leave your front wheel behind in exchange for the main body and mischief makers might be happy to take your quick release front wheel if the rear is secured. This style may not be suitable for montain bikes, which will often have wider tyres.

wall mounted bicycle fixture

Sheffield cycle stand

Available with both underground and overground fixings. This style of cycle security feature is probably one of the more popular and secure. With installation options underground, or overground, bolted to the ground. Underground should be the more secure option with no bolt to remove. This type of security feature is compatible with all bicycle types.

Sheffield bicycle stand

Floor mounted bicycle security feature

With butterfly style, V shaped grips. This kind of style doesn’t really provide much support for the body of the bike, though it’s easier to get a lock through the front wheel, body and security feature.

floor mounted bicycle fixture

Bicycle rack

With 3, 4 or 5 spaces available. This style becomes even more secure as the number of cycles attached increases, especially if you can get a lock around your wheels and the frame.

barriers direct cycle rack

Bicycle Locks

Even with a secure fitting to attach your bike, you’ll want a good bike lock Kryptonite have a good range of high-quality locks.

Secure Underground Bicycle Parking

As with most things, challenges come with scale. Instead of a suburban shopping centre that may have space for such fixtures as shown above, the centre of a city is a different matter. In super dense urban areas where many people travel daily for work, the space required would become an issue as more and more people choose to cycle.

Also, finding your bike and getting it out of a scrum of other cycles is a headache you don’t want after a full day of work. Here’s where super modern cycle parking facilities like the ones found in Japan come into play. Tucking the cycles underground, secure and dry is the perfect solution. We know people who cycle to work, but then have to lock their bike somewhere outside if they can find a suitable location, or take them into the office if they have a sympathetic boss.

By improving the quality of cycle parking and the number of available spaces in the centre of our cities, more people will commute by bike. The government already backs a cycle to work scheme that offers tax benefits for people who wish to purchase a bicycle for their commute to work.

Nobody wants to see hundreds of bicycles cluttering our pavements and nobody wants to come back to a broken bicycle lock. Hopefully the high tech bicycle parking garages come to the UK in force and help get us out of our cars.