Shenzhen Rongdechang Solar Phone Charger 20,000mah

This is a review of the Shenzhen Rongdechang Solar Phone Charger 20,000mah, a solar power bank phone charger manufactured by Shenzhen Rongdechang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. in China. This model is currently available directly from China through the online marketplace Alibaba, available in varying quantities and customisable with your business logo.

This solar phone charger review is geared towards our business mobile phone users who may have hundreds of handsets they’ve given to their employees. If you’re a business owner and want to help your employees stay connected in an environmentally friendly way with customised battery packs, you’re reading the right review.

20,000mah Phone Battery Pack

This is an amazing battery pack with all the features you’ll ever need!

First off, it’s super environmentally friendly because you can actually charge your battery pack using just the power of the Sun. It will take you around eight hours to get a decent enough charge to fully charge your phone once if you use solar power only. If you want to fully charge the battery pack however it will take you several days if you’re only using the power of the Sun.

Of course you can just plug it into the wall and use your electricity supply, but we hope you’ve decided to use a green energy supplier!

The best thing about this charger however, is that even though it may take several days to charge it all entirely, you can get enough charge in one throughout one day to keep topping your phone off. And enough if it’s nearly empty to get one last shot of power into your phone before you can get home to charge it up to the max again. So for this reason it’s still a really good purchase.

A nice bonus is that this solar charger also includes a light you can use at night. A great touch that the light you see is harvested sunlight from earlier in the day.

Universal Charger

This solar phone charger is also a universal charger, so you don’t even need to remember to bring your own charging cable with you. It has included with it a whole load of charging adapters so you can charge your iPhone your Samsung, your Nintendo DS or whatever it is that you may have. This is actually really green and really eco-feature because you don’t need to keep buying new cables for your phone.

Shenzhen Rongdechang Solar Phone Charger 20,000mah

The Fairphone 4 for example, doesn’t package their brand-new phones with charges or cables, so they assume you already have your own. With all the charges like this, more and more manufacturers could actually not ship their new phones with the charger because people couldn’t use the solar charger to charge of the phone.

Rebranded Models

A lot of companies in the US and Europe are actually buying these chargers and re-branding them as their own product. That’s how good this is. You have to remember that most of the battery making facilities in the world are actually in China, so most of our supply is going to come from there.

A lot of companies based in western countries not only get their supply of batteries and parts from China, they often just buy the finished products, re-brand them and sell them on to us as though they produced them.

Promote your own business

If you buy a set of these chargers for your business mobiles, you can get the logo of your business added to them which we think would be a cool addition.

Shenzhen Rongdechang Solar Phone Charger 20,000mah Specifications

This is a list of specifications taken directly from their own sales page on for item model number CDB-09.

Output InterfaceMicro USB, Type C
Input InterfaceUSB, Micro USB
FunctionQuick Charge Support, LED Display
TypeFast charging, with cable types
Battery Type18650 Lithium battery
Place of OriginGUA
Brand NameOEM
Model NumberCDB-09
Socket StandardMicro USB
ProtectionOver-discharging, short circuit protection, over-charging, low tension
LogoCustomized logo printing available
ColorsWhite or Black

Solar Phone Charger Lead times

QuantityEstimated production time in days
> 2,000Negotiable

This is a great model for you if you want to make your mobile phone truly green by powering it with renewable energy at home and when you need a charge out and about. What are you waiting for? This great solar charger is available to buy now from Aliaba. All orders are dispatched by express sea freight.