Sheryl Crow’s Eco Music Tour

Did you know 2010 is year of the Sheryl Crow’s Eco Music Tour? Not that Cheryl herself is billing her 2010 world tour specifically as an eco music tour, but we thought that had a ring to it. With a total of 89 concerts worldwide, this event is going to be epic, but most of all, it’s going to be eco friendly.

Eco Music Tour 2010 Countries

The full list of countries Cheryl’s eco music tour will visit in 2010 are:

United Kingdom
United States

Doing Her Bit

I have four of her albums…sigh. She is certainly doing her bit for the environment by making some serious inroads in to the huge carbon footprint that bands tours can make on the road.

Cheryl has certainly had eco friendly tours in the past, so this is something she is passionate about. “When I learned how serious global warming is, I wanted to do something to help”, Cheryl said and her 2010 tour is definitely going some lengths to help tackle the environmental problems we’re facing.

Eco Tour Features

With at least 19 backstage recycling bins, drinking only locally sourced spring water, reusable dishware, no-idling policies, using only B20 bio-diesel in tour vehicles, sourcing only local and organic produce which must be packaged in biodegradable/compostable containers rather than disposable petroleum-based plastics or paper products.

The tour also boasts using only energy efficient light bulbs and recycled paper products. The tour uses a recycling /waste reduction system on both the touring buses and in the touring vehicles and when the busses get grubby, they clean them with non-toxic supplies.

All of her concerts have a Reverb Eco village which offers people the opportunity to meet with local non-profit groups and access to an on-line carpooling service. In fact the whole tours carbon footprint from local transportation to air flights etc has been calculated and carbon offset by supporting renewable energy sources.

And all of Sheryl’s concert programmes are printed on Forest Stewardship Council Eco Friendly paper using soy ink. And just in case you didn’t know Sheryl is also one of the founding members of the Green Music Group, who work within the music community to take action on behalf of the environment.

Go girl…

Sheryl Crow