Six Ways to Prevent Water Damaging Your Phone

You may already know , but how about six ways to prevent water damaging your phone in the first place? Getting water on your phone can turn out to be a really quick way to kill it and prevention is better than cure. Follow these six tips to make sure your phone doesn’t meet a watery end.

Prevent Water Damaging Your Phone

  1. Buy a waterproof case;
  2. Use a freezer bag like a Ziplock if you’re going hiking or something and may get drenched by a sudden unexpected downpour;
  3. Keep your mobile somewhere EXTRA safe when you are in the bathroom, kitchen, at the swimming pool or generally near water;
  4. Don’t send texts when you’re using the toilet;
  5. Don’t use your mobile to lift up the toilet seat. But like who does that anyway? I guess there are some toilets where both you and your phone could fall in!
  6. Don’t keep your mobile phone in your back pocket when you visit the toilet as it may slip out!

Follow these six quick and simple rules and your phone should be pretty safe from water damage. Of course you never know what could happen, but at least you’re taking precautions so hopefully you won’t need to know how to save a water damaged phone. For everything else, there’s always mobile phone insurance.