Eight Tips For Eco Living

Eco living is not just buying an eco –phone that helps, it’s a bunch of things really and here are 8 tips be eco-friendly and how to save money at the same time.

This is how you can live a green lifestyle:

1 Unplug Appliances

Make sure you unplug your appliances when they’re not in use. Your computers, mobile chargers televisions, electric toothbrush chargers etc. Often forgotten are lights, especially when we think ‘we’ll be back in a minute’. How much do all those ‘minutes’ that often turn into 10, 20 or 30 add up to?

Unplugging appliances saves you money and if you don’t already have an environmentally friendly electricity tariff, it saves fossil fuels too.

2 Avoid Excess Packaging

Avoid excess packaging wherever possible if you’re committed to eco living. Excess packaging on food items delivers a double whammy. It’s terrible for the environment and you’re the one who pays for it!

recycled packaging

Those bananas wrapped in plastic already come in their own biodegradable packaging complete with an accurate indicator that tells you exactly how ripe they are. That’s right, they come in their own skin that protects that tasty bit inside.

3 Shop Locally

Shop locally if you really start eco living because it really helps to reduce your environmental impact.

When it comes to eco living, excess food packaging isn’t the only culprit. Our online orders can sometimes be wrapped up a little more packaging than necessary. We need to encourage delivery companies to be more eco friendly with their packaging, but also shop locally, collecting things in person where possible.

local British street

Another great way to save resources is to check out any farmers markets near to you. If you drive there, or to any other shopping destination, try and combine your shopping trips. Take some friends with you to shop, or buy in bulk, so that you:

  • reduce traffic congestion
  • reduce your mileage
  • save fuel
  • reduce emissions

And even better than that, farmers markets are fun…you meet great local food producers. fun…you meet local people.

4 Choose Cloth Over Paper

Choose cloth over paper for cleaning things like small spills and wiping your hands. Using cloth will save you a lot of paper and trees, bumping up your eco living credentials. Even if you use recycled paper and can argue you’re saving trees, cloth is still a better alternative in the long run.

Clean, rinse (at a low temperature, by hand, or with your other clothes in the washing machine), and repeat.

5 Take Showers

Take showers because showers are so much cheaper than baths. It’s generally accepted that although a shower may be running continuously for five or even ten minutes, it will still use less water than filling a bath completely.

Taking a shower is an eco living tip that works out cheaper both for your water meter and the environment.

6 Use a Water Butt

Use a water butt to get free water for your plants, garden and other non-drinking applications. Installing a water butt, also known as a water barrel, allows you to collect water that lands on the roof of your house, conservatory or shed.

water butt

Re-using this precious resource is an example of tip-top eco living.

7 Turn Your Tap Off

Turn your tap off when you brush your teeth or when you’re washing dishes. Don’t just leave that water running like a Wasteroo. By actively turning taps off, you’ll instantly be living a more eco friendly life. You can also get low-flow shower heads and toilets to create a low-water-use eco friendly home.

8 Change to a Green Energy Provider

Change to a green energy provider that makes use of green energy to power your home. A green energy provider will source power for your home from sources that cause little-to-no impact on the world’s carbon footprint.

Taking advantage of a provider that produces green energy from sources like geothermal, solar, wind and hydroelectric, you can kick your eco living into high gear.

P.S., don’t forget to change your light bulbs to energy saving ones. Just because you’re with an efficient green energy provider, that doesn’t mean you can’t look for even more ways to save the planet.