The Battery That Runs On Water

The NoPoPo (non-pollution power) Aqua Battery is from Japan, and can charge using almost any liquid from beer, juice, coca-cola; and yes you can even use urine if you so feel inclined to! So how does this great new charging accessory work? Well, you just put the battery into a liquid and then, using the syringe to suck it up, squeeze it into the battery.
They come in a range of battery sizes. The batteries can be re-filled up to 5 times and with just a few drops of water being able to produce up to 1.5 volts @ 500mA of current.

Tests by the manufacturer support the claim that a single AAA version battery can run a small handheld torch light for anything up to 20 hours. Just how much better are they for the environment?

Well they’re very clever batteries that use 100% non –toxic materials; they don’t contain any harmful materials or substances such as hexavalent chrome, lead, cadmium or mercury yet they can still hold a charge for up to 20 years.