The Vanishing City of Venice

Among the disappearing destinations in the world the destination that has caught everyone’s attention is the enchanting city of Venice. This city has been facing flooding crisis from the 5th century, but today Venice has been experiencing 100 floods a year due to the changing climatic conditions.

Previous industrial ventures, such as offshore piers and the railroad bridge to the mainland, exaggerated the sea floor and tidal cycles which eventually made the city more susceptible to flooding. Twentieth-century industrial projects deteriorated the condition by pushing out huge amounts of groundwater from the aquifer below the lagoon for almost 50 years before the government blocked the practice in the 1970s.

According to reports, in the last century, Venice has sunk by about nine inches.

The evidence of this lagoon city vanishing is the appearance of cracks on the old buildings. This has been caused by the rising salty waters from the Adriatic Sea which is gradually eroding these stunning structures.

Every year, the city is said to be drowning at the rate of 0.08 inches. From an environmental point of view, by the end of this century it has been approximated that the global climate variations and rising sea levels will raise flooding from 1.4 times a year to 18.5.

Why Venice Continues to be the most desired Holiday destination? Even though there are so many destinations that are on the brink of disappearing from the face of earth, tourists seem to rush to Venice to see and experience this romantic city. Well blame it on the writers and poets who have stamped a romantic image of Venice in our minds through their words.

So when I say the word Venice, you don’t visualise a dirty and crowded city but you imagine the beautiful canals and the delicious Italian Food and Wine. If you ignore the bad side of Venice you will find many good reasons to visit Venice.

For one, Venice’s food will please all Italian-cuisine-crazy ones. The lagoon around the city thrives on its delicious fish and seafood, while Veneto, is known for great wines and fresh fruits and vegetables. Then there is the Venetian Culture and heritage.

Venice’s huge architectural, artistic, and musical heritage is purely astounding. So yes Venice is a great place to go not just for a romantic holiday, but also for a holiday with your family or buddies.