This Mobile Comes In Eco Friendly Bamboo Only

Thank you Kieran-Scott Woodhouse, for your extraordinary idea… The ADzero an eco-conscious mobile that is going to be launched later this year.  A British designer out of Middlesex University has wrapped an eco friendly Smartphone in a single piece design of four year old organically grown bamboo, which has also been treated so as to make it more durable…under the hood its running on Androids 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest mobile operating system from Google…nice.
How did it happen, well Woodhouse whose design is about half the weight of an iPhone, placed his ideas on the internet and a Chinese technology entrepreneur picked up on the idea and wants to run with it. So armed with the necessary funding Woodhouse can now take the Smartphone into production. Initially the eco mobile design is going to launch in China first but, if the market likes it there, and then you could find this bamboo-clad mobile phone in UK stores around late 2012. And the ADerzo is no slouch when it comes to innovation, its eco friendly design is one thing but its screen size is larger than that of the iPhone 4S.  And for better photos, this handset features “Mobile Ring Flash Technology”, which is just better lighting from a single point source.