Top Reasons People Don’t Recycle Old Mobile Phones

These are the top 10 reasons customers give when asked why they don’t hand in their old mobile phones.

  1. I couldn’t be bothered
  2. It’s a waste of time
  3. I’ll get my self one of those new green mobile phones that will make up for it
  4. Mobile phones break down so often, its best I keep a spare
  5.  I can loan it to someone if they need it
  6. It has all my numbers on it for a backup
  7. I have some personal pictures on it, I wanna keep
  8. I wasn’t offered enough money for my old phone
  9. It’s broken so nobody will want it anyway
  10. It’s in a drawer somewhere I have better things to do than look for a old mobile phone

These are the reasons why figures for returned or recycled phones are so low; Government agencies have said that only 10% of handsets were recycled last year, whilst leading manufacturers who have conducted their own studies have it as low as 3%.

Green mobile phones are fairly new in the marketplace and users are working their ways towards them. However, in the meantime mobile phones are pretty unique, no other consumer device has such a high replacement value, it is the highest symbol of a throwaway culture.  But how is this so, well its down to several reasons really much like a spinning top, the centrifugal forces of its evolution are driven by new technologies, more applications, product breakdowns and the networks need for consumer loyalty, no consumer no revenue.

So what’s the problem I only have the one phone.  I can’t be doing that much damage? In truth its not just your one phone, there are some 4.1 billion of mobiles out there and maybe billions sitting in drawers somewhere; that’s where the environmental concern comes into play.  Manufacturer’s criss cross the world mining it to put together the 1000 or so parts that are in mobile phones, yet most parts are reusable?

So in short if you leave your mobile in your drawer, it means the manufacturer has to go that bit deeper into the earth to get the minerals they need to produce next year’s phone. That’s the problem and as for the carbon footprint implications in getting those materials for your phone, well that’s another story. So instead of using the top 10 excuses, hand your mobile in and make sure your next phone is a green mobile. Something that is earth friendly but make sure you protect yourself and that you can continue to make calls, so that you don’t regret having handed your old phone in.

Mobile phones are getting more reliable, but you do need to look after them.  Treat them well, try not to drop or bash them.  Maybe get a SIM card protector so that you can protect the numbers you have, download the pictures you have taken on to your laptop or server.  Keep your phone away from water or moisture unless it’s totally waterproof.  Keep one for spare at home and not half a dozen of them. Make sure you get a phone with all the things you need on it so that you are not wanting.  Look after your phone, its better for the planet.