Interesting Tree Facts

In working with green mobile phones you learn all sorts of stuff along the way.

Some of the best things we’ve learned about trees are that:

One tree absorbs about 1 ton of carbon dioxide over its lifetime, and can produce enough oxygen for 10 people in a year.
Each person on average produces about 10 tons of carbon dioxide every year, which amounts to 10 trees!

Trees can help cool the earth by approximately 5F by shading the ground around them and, evaporating moisture from their leaves.

Tree roots stabilize worn soil, prevent erosion and guide water down to underground aquifers supporting surrounding growth.

Trees can help balance the eco-system, enhance bio-diversity and provide homes for wildlife and endangered species.

Many trees coppice (grow back after cutting) and can therefore produce many times the benefits by being managed correctly.

Trees produce fruit and valuable medicines

Trees can live for over 100 yrs and are self-sustainable For every 50 trees planted in deforested areas, 150 are likely to grow back.

Through transpiration, a mature tree can pump 100 gallons of water from the ground and expel it into the air.

Hospital patients are said to recover faster when they have a room that looks out onto trees.

A family of four can get all the oxygen they need for a whole year from just one average mature tree.

Live a green lifestyle and you’ll learn so much about our planet too.