Umeox Solar Mobile Phone

Sometimes something like the Umeox solar mobile phone comes along which in its market just takes the marketplace by storm. Maybe this is one such product and it’s from China.

Now I’ve watched the video and it’s very futuristic and Matrix like, from watching do I believe it that this green mobile phone can withstand bullets, I’m not so sure about that. But it can certainly withstand being dropped, submerged in water up to 1m, its dust proof and it uses solar power to charge it self and look good whilst doing it.

Did you know, that last year over 600,000 mobile phones met their death in a toilet, 400,000 found themselves accidentally dropped into drinks, and a further two hundred thousand ended their days doing a turn in washing machines that’s 1.2 million reported cases.

With so many ways you could destroy your phone, Umeox have done agrat job helping you eliminate at least one of them.


Umeox sports the following features:

  • quad band
  • weighs just 90 grams
  • TFT display
  • battery life of up to 3.30 hours
  • stand-by time of up to 200 h
  • 100% dustproof
  • 250 number phone book

Eco Friendly

This is one tough little mobile that’s very stylish, eco friendly which is all the things that you would want do with a phone.

At the 2010 Mobile Convention over in Barcelona, this eco friendly mobile was the most talked about piece of kit going. You can could buy it in the UK for only £69.99 from Maplins.

Also, it did come in yellow; I can live with that.