What Is 4G?

What is 4G? Well it’s only in development, but in short it’s a 4th generation replacement of the present 3G network. It’s about faster data speeds and increased security.

The first network was obviously 1G, this was built in the 1980’s. 2G followed suit in the early 90’s, and 3G was built in the late 90’s. It was with 3G that you could first use applications, hence the rise of the smart phone. 4G looks to build on this network.

So less drop out, better video services, better MMS, and a new internet connection is on its way – making headlines WiMax, a much faster version of Wi-Fi is upon us. It all looks to take mobile communication into the 21st century.

Rolling out 3G took nearly a decade and with it, there were lots of problems. But this new technology looks like it could be out in much more shapely manner. With faster speeds and improved video technology, the possibilities for this new wireless communication will revolutionize the global communications network.

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