What Is A Green Mobile Phone?

A green mobile phone is more than just a colour; it’s a way of life.

Your green smartphone is an outward symbol of your inner values. Rather than being a superficial token, coming to Greenermobiles to source your green mobile telephone means that you will also be supporting green infrastructure.

Green infrastructure are the things that people don’t always see or consider. Your green mobile should also support these things; the life choices you make on a daily basis that can only be found deep beneath the surface. 

Green mobile phones often make use of the following technology to fulfill their environmentally friendly goals:

Are recyclable – the manufacturer will offer schemes to buy back old phones to be recycled, or mobile phone carriers will offer to take back your old smartphone to post exchange it for a new one. 

Use more efficient software – battery saving modes, more efficient communication with the network including a reduction in the number of times the phone needs to communicate with the network and things like dark mode to save power. 

Use less rare Earth metals or recycled ones – using less or using recycled rare Earth metals from old phones significantly reduces the environmental impact of a green smartphone

A green mobile is not just a colour, it’s a way of life. 

Other Ways To Save The Environment

A green mobile phone opens the door to so many other ways you can save the environment. 

Because it’s something we use every day, a green mobile phone has the potential to benefit the environment passively. Without even thinking about it, every action we take can have a positive effect on the planet. 

Charging your phone with renewable energy means you will need a contract from a green energy provider. Every other reason you use electricity instantly becomes more green.

A level up from green energy is green banking. The money you use to pay for your green mobile phone, contract and green energy tariff has to come from somewhere, right? Don’t keep your money in a bank that will use it to fund the fossil fuel industry. Your money can still work for you, but it will also be working to save the planet. 

In these two straight forward ways, a green mobile phone can help us all to be more environmentally friendly. Remember:

A green mobile phone is not just a colour, it’s a way of life.