Wireless Eco Charger

You may remember them for their distinctive black and gold batteries?  Or you may remember them more for their adverts, the ones with the pink bunnies wearing Lycra shorts?  Or you may just know the name…Duracell.  Well the company has just unveiled a new smart power product that saves you energy…

Their new product ‘myGrid’ is a wireless charging plate for recharging your mobile phones.  You just put your handset inside a power-sleeve and then place your handset on the plate and it charges it up for you, simple huh. It’s a system that looks to save you 15% over the length of your mobile phone contract, as well as doing away with the usual wirey clutter that comes with charging phones.  Does it make your handset a green mobile phone?  Yes I think it does, I for one in my earlier days used to leave my charger on all night…major waste of energy.  This system knows when your phone has charged and then shuts off, which is fab news because it cuts down on your mobile phone carbon footprint.

It can handle up to four devices and it works at the same rate of charge as a normal USB connection.  Its safe as it shuts off when touched by human hands (or animals of course).  And it won’t charge up anything else that’s been mistakenly placed on the mat, unless its inside a power-sleeve.

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