Yoyo Mobile Phone

When a yoyo uses Kinetic Energy to charge itself up, that makes it a green mobile phone.

Yoyos have been around since 500BC, allegedly it started life as a weapon in the Philippines, that’s where the name Yoyo comes from. Today they are state of the art toys. Yes, you can still get the wooden thing with a string in the middle, but now they come with centrifugal clutch ball bearing transaxles, with free-spinning plastic sleeve linkage, hewn out of aluminium for the best ones.

Whatever model you do buy it will still rely on good old rotational inertia to make it work. The toy even has a world champion, eleven-times, double-handed world champion Shinji Saito from Japan if you don’t mind.

And that’s exactly the starting point with this mobile phone, the Yoyo Mobile Charger not only is a lot of fun as you can yoyo to your hearts content, but it is in fact a green mobile phone, that charges itself up as you play.

Will it sell? We reckon so as 4,000,000 normal yoyos alone were sold in the UK in 2008. So the skill in how to do it is there.

Check out an example designed for Apple iPhone here.