Business Mobiles

Buy environmentally friendly business mobiles for your company employees. Mobile phones are a key part of any business and we’re here to help you make your communications footprint a green one.

At, we supply cutting-edge business mobile phones and contracts for your company.  We want to be alongside you, helping you to drive your communications forward so that you’ll be the best business you can be, in an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective way.  

The impact of climate change is in every aspect of our lives, sadly mobile phone communication is part of the problem.  Along with the resource mining involved in the making of mobiles, the systems that power our mobiles create a vast amount of carbon emitting gases, 365 days of the year. 

Working with, we believe you’ll be sending a message to your customers, your suppliers and to your team that not only do you want to reduce your communication costs and, you care about making a better world​; that you are committed to building a more sustainable business under a cleaner sky.  

We carbon balance all our mobile phones contracts to reduce the amount of CO2 that you are likely to generate over the lifetime of the contract.  Your mobile phone will be protecting forests and biodiversity around the planet, as well as providing employment for many local poor communities in the forest regions.  And as you would expect, at we run our business as Carbon Neutral as can be.

So, if you’re serious about reducing your carbon footprint and your mobile phone bills, then I would be more than pleased to share with you how could improve on the cost of your calls and increase your company’s environmental value.  Use the power of your mobile phone to make the world a better place.

Business Friendly Green Concept Phone

You may also want to consider the C1 green concept phone for your business mobile needs. The C1 is a great alternative to large scale manufactured phones that don’t take the environment into account.