Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With eSims

Your SIM card is a small chip that holds your network plan information so you can jump on the phone to make calls or surf the internet. Over the years, they have changed in size, becoming smaller and smaller. Since 2016 they’ve become virtual, meaning you can now use software on your phone that keeps all that network plan info instead of a physical SIM card.

What Is An Environmentally Friendly eSim?

Basically, this new generation of SIM card, now called the eSIM, is like a reprogrammable chip part of your device’s circuitry which is rewritable and can be updated by receiving the relevant information from your carrier just like traditional sim cards.

A great benefit for the environment is that with an eSIM you actually do away with that dodgy piece of plastic fashioned with rare earth materials and/or a tiny bit of gold which lets face it, is never gonna be recycled. The greatest benefit for you is the ability to run multiple eSIMs on one device. You can even run a physical SIM and an eSIM at the same time.

Advances in technology now mean that these shapes that have become smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller over time, can now just be software on your phone so you don’t actually need to have a Sim card in there.

Apparently there is a company knocking about in the United States with an eSIM product called Mobile-X. Tango Networks, the company behind Mobile-X (which they also call Tango Extend) are trying to create a major buzz in the mobile phone industry and claim to be the first service to take an eSIM in a mobile phone and turn it into a fully featured business extension.

Environmentally Friendly Business Mobiles

For business mobile phone users, Tango Extend is a great service that really breathes life into Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) enabled work environments. Environmentally friendly eSims make BYOD ready for business in a sustainable manner. There’s now no need to issue a load of mobile phones to employees if they already have a phone, or once their device is at the end of its useful life, they can take a device from you and the strain on the environment will be reduced.

What they claim to be, is the first company to take an eSIM and make it a fully fledged business extension. So what that means is you can have your green environmentally friendly mobile phone hooked up to both your personal line and your business line at the same time. Clearly, as people have been doing for years, this saves you having to have two mobile phones which definitely saves on the amount of rare earth we need as we will have fewer mobile phones in circulation. Great everybody wins.

What could be even better, is that you just bring your own phone and you can have your company’s information put onto a different part of your phone. A setup a bit like an operating system on a computer where you could run Windows and something else on the same machine. Now that would be a really revolutionary way of doing it.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Issuing eSims dramatically reduces your company’s carbon footprint associated with mobile devices by helping your employee reduce theirs.

Getting rid of the full Sim card in your phone means we wouldn’t have to make those little bits of plastic and stick on little tiny bits of metal that are difficult to get back and recycle. Plus, operating your business mobile phone in this way “dramatically reduces your company’s carbon footprint associated with mobile devices”, claim Tango Networks. 

Privacy Issues?

Many businesses have confidential information on the phones, so it may not be wise to have them completely linked with a personal business users phone. So an eSIM can help with that because if we install two separate areas on a shared phone, we can keep the side not used encrypted and nobody would know it’s there.

When you boot up your phone in personal mode, any data on the work part of your phone would be inaccessible. The best thing about this? You separate work from personal life effectively. If anyone from your immediate family needs to contact you, there can be a feature that allows their numbers to get through to you even when in work mode.

The technology is there, so we can always find solutions to any bumps we find in the road.

More About Tango Extend

Tango Extend is a new offering based on Tango Networks fixed-mobile convergence technologies, which the company claims is covered by more than 90 patents.

Tango Extend is used by businesses for Mobile Unified Communications, Mobile First and Mobile Only communications, and work-from-home, hybrid and work-from-anywhere flexibility. The service can extend fully integrated business communications to mobile employees, deskless employees and first-line workers.

Tango Networks say they are used by businesses across the United States for a lot of really cool things such as for their mobile first and mobile only communications, work from home, hybrid and work from anywhere flexibility. They really make sure that you know what the service can be used for, they make sure they fully inform integrated business communications professionals.

So now you know their capabilities, you may as well check them out especially if you have your own business needs.

Get your next green mobile phone from with eSIM so you can run more than one network and data plan from one mobile phone. Help save the planet.