Best Environment Saving Transport Options

Check the best environment transport options and see which one works best for you and saves the environment. Walk The original and still the best, if you can walk more, you’ll have much less impact on the environment. Cycle Leg power whose only emissions come from your breath. Well, that’s after the manufacture of the… Continue reading Best Environment Saving Transport Options

Least Environmentally Friendly Buildings

The least environmentally friendly buildings are a leach on the precious resources our planet has. These buildings waste energy in their construction and/or their daily use. Burj Khalifa This building is so $hitty it doesn’t even have a working sewage system! Trucks have to line up every day for miles and miles to remove all… Continue reading Least Environmentally Friendly Buildings

Best Environmentally Friendly Website Hosts

Use one of the best environmentally friendly website hosts to minimise your impact on our planet whilst maximising  its utility for your business or passion project. Eco Web Hosting This environmentally friendly website host offers packages at varying price points so you have a lot of choice. You can host your WrodPress website with 100%… Continue reading Best Environmentally Friendly Website Hosts

6 Ways To Reduce A Smartphone’s Carbon Footprint

How many of these six mobile phone technologies does your smartphone use? If you do have these at your disposal, your phone’s carbon footprint will surely be reduced. Efficient Aerial Technology More for your mobile phone manufacturer, but if they really want to make your phone eco friendly and reduce your smartphone’s carbon footprint, using… Continue reading 6 Ways To Reduce A Smartphone’s Carbon Footprint

How To Be Green

Eight ways to be green and help save the planet. If you really want to learn how to be green, these tips range from really simple to requiring a bit of effort. Do what you can and together we’ll make the world a better place for future generations. Pick Carbon Neutral Tech Companies We need… Continue reading How To Be Green

Effect Of Microplastics

The way we’ve produced and discarded plastic so freely has lead to the evolution of plastic eating enzymes. Bugs across globe are evolving to eat plastic a recent study found out. We’ve seen surprising discoveries showing the huge scale of plastic pollution. But is it really a surprise? Anyway, these same pieces have also revealed… Continue reading Effect Of Microplastics