Environmentally Friendly Smartphone Apps

Here is our definitive collection of the greatest environmentally friendly smartphone apps that you can download on your phone today.

The Greenermobiles list of environmentally friendly smartphone apps have been divided into ten groups we found they fit into the best. It’s amazing to think how many areas of our life can be made more environmentally friendly, sustainable or ethical.

Here are the groups for top environmentally friendly apps. Click the links under descriptions to go to the full list.

Fun – Games and stuff that let you have fun and save the planet at the same time. You might be learning about the environment, so those apps can be great for kids. Or you could be contributing to conservation efforts with a serious app dressed up as a game.

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Food – Apps to help you buy sustainable food, or help cut down food waste to save precious resources.

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Education – Learn more about the environment and technology that can save our planet.

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Food – Buy the best and most environmentally friendly food possible. Anti-food-waste apps can also be found here.

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Efficiency – Apps to help you find efficiencies in your electronic devices and elsewhere.

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Transport – personal transportation can damage our world but we all need to get around. Let’s do it in the most environmentally friendly way using these apps to help.

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Clean Apps Reuse/Recycle – The more we can reuse or recycle things we produce, the better for our planet. These apps help us clean up our lives to be more green.

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Group Savings – Take advantage of economies of scale like group travel, buying or recycling in groups.

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Carbon Tracking – See how much carbon you’re saving from the air by totting up your score every week.

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Ethical – Going green is good for the people of our planet as well as the environment. Make sure the things you buy or use are sourced ethically.

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