Efficiency Apps

Efficiency apps to help you be more efficient. This could be helping electronics hardware to be more efficient or apps that help you perform tasks more efficiently.

Kyocera Power Management

A proprietary preloaded power management app on some Japanese phones from Kyocera that takes care of your phone’s battery. Using this efficiency app, your phone will go into low power mode by adjusting various functions that might be on, like timeout, brightness etc, which is a good thing as you can lose lots of standby time with these things left on.

You kinda can’t use it on any other phones, but take a look at their selection of devices. I think we should take a closer look because they have some potentially really green devices.


Some might say that updates to Apple phones make them slower and this was done intentionally. What we do know is that older phones can find it harder to work with newer operating systems with a lot of extra features. Especially as batteries start to age, the chance increases that there will be random errors or phones will crash for no apparent reason.

Apple want to make sure devices last for as long as possible, so they may include tweaks to help ensure older phones can still keep up. Does this count as an energy saving app? We’ll let you decide.

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