Ethical Apps

Make sure you’re spending your money in the right places. Especially is the fashion world, it can be hard to know if the company we’re throwing our cash at really has the welfare of our planet at its heart.

Ethical Barcode

This American based app boasts over 60,000 data points that it uses to see how environmentally friendly your food choices at the supermarket are. It is a barcode scanner that can tell you who owns or manufactures the product you pick up. This can give you a score and any relevant green or sustainable certifications the creators have.

We couldn’t find it on the Apple or Google app stores, but American friends say it works great. As soon as you download it to your American phone, you can support only brands that share the love you have for the world.

Nature Hub

Start a healthy lifestyle (move out of food?) Find eco friendly businesses.

Good on You

Download this app to discover how ethical your favorite brands are and discover new ones rated by real people. If you like or dislike what a fashion producer is doing, you can send a message through the app to praise them or ask them to do better. Feedback is also visible to anyone browsing the brand’s pages.

Inside is a database of over 3,000 brands that is growing every month. They are specifically on the lookout for new sustainable fashion brands that have an eye for fashion.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not even looking for something to buy rght this minute because there are enough options for you to just window shop. You can use the app to browse, find sustainability tips, guides and eco-concious news.

The only drawback, but maybe a result of the demographic who would spend the time shopping online, is that it seems geared towards women’s fashion and options. On the other hand, maybe women care more about the environment than men? But you can always filter by fashion type so that’s not a problem at all if you’re serious about the cause.

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The phone app is super convenient, especially if you want to just lay in bed and search, but it is also available online

Giki Badges

Check the sustainability and environmentally freindly credentials of products you find when you’re out shopping.


Eco friendly budgeting app with features like Ethical Barcode so you cn track how environmentally friendly you’ve been. This may actually be slightly better because of the way it keeps rack of how ethically you’re sending your money over time.

You can also get recommendatiins based on the things you tell the app you carre about.