Food Apps

Too Good to go

You won’t always know exactly what you’ll find in your bag. But hey, we’re here to save the environment, not to be super picky on what we’re saving.

Something to consider totally separate from Too good to go, is the question should we expect the same service from environmentally friendly providers as we do from organisations that don’t actively want to save our planet? After all, we wouldn’t want to be ripped off by environmentally friendly companies, so why should we accept a lesser service?




This Swedish company … they also offer integrations with popular apps like …

Like Too good to go, but you can choose exactly what you want, instead of getting a bag with stuff you may not like.


Track the food you already have so you don’t buy things you don’t need and waste the old stuff. Kind of like a smart fridge that lets you know when you need to buy new food and/or place the order directly from it, this also comes in handy when you’re at the supermarket and unsure exactly what you have in stock.